Preferred Hotel Rate Audit- RateGuard™

Preferred Hotel Rate Audit- RateGuard™

Hotel Solutions™ processes and audits 1000’s of reservation a day. Our team identifies error rates on bookings and obtains the negotiated preferred hotel rates.   In a number of cases,  the error factor has exceeded 25%. That same audit identifies several reasons why the proper rates are not achieved, such as including rates not loaded into the reservation system, or rates not loaded correctly, or rates that were simply “dropped.” We also have found unusual variances in several self-booking tools that can cause inaccurate hotel rates to be displayed and booked.

Since implementing our solutions and services, Hotel Solutions™ has been able to maximize the use of preferred hotels by travelers, and reduce incorrect hotel bookings, from a variance of 25% to as low as 2%. These significant improvements in accuracy are due to our constant audit process, and identifying and moving travelers to the company’s preferred hotels. We also assist in identifying preferred hotels to be changed (preferred hotel inventory) to provide the best possible hotel selection for the travelers.

These efficiencies result in significant annual cost reductions…which will, in turn, go straight to your bottom line (PBT).

Some of our essential Independent Hotel oversight and auditing techniques and services include:

  • Automatic import and synchronization of all itineraries immediately when booked.
  • Access to more than tens of thousands of hotel rates.
  • We compare all your reservations using our unique set of criteria.
  • We identify all preferred hotel rates achieved and not achieved.
  • We identify and report all dynamic and chain-wide rates activity.
  • We identify and report all hotels that are outside of your program.
  • We check your hotels real-time, until the day of departure.
  • We help you to keep your hotel cost at the lowest possible level.
  • We identify when you are preferred properties are offering lower rates than your negotiated pricing.
  • We monitor all rate fluctuations.

These tools and techniques result in:

 When hotel rates drop or are not at your negotiated rate, you save money.

  • Increase traveler compliance.
  • Help the traveler to switch from a non-compliant to a compliant hotel.

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The Corporate Solutions Group®, Hotel Solutions™ and Audit Center™ have been providing Corporations and the Corporate Buyer dedicated Independent Travel Industry expertise for decades. We have been, and are, the only Independent consultant and auditor for all facets of corporate travel.

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