Airfare Savings Audit- FareCheck™

Airfare Savings Audit- FareCheck™

The Corporate Solutions Group® and Hotel Solutions™ utilize our most recently developed and implemented cost savings process (implemented January 2017) for all air reservations, FareCheck™.

This process performs a complete oversight and audit of every air reservation to find all airline fare adjustments made routinely by the airline.  This technology has already proven to save our clients 10-14%, and in many cases, up to a 50% in the price of airfares…Yes, 50%.

FareCheck™ is the only Independent airfare tool in the industry that works for you, the buyer. We audit all of your airfare reservations immediately from the time of ticketing to the day of the traveler’s departure. When a lower fare is found on the same flight, same class of service, and the same seat, an email message is generated to the travel team so that they can make the appropriate adjustment. There is absolutely no inconvenience to the traveler.

  • FareCheck™ Instantly identifies savings, instantly sends you alerts that include the actual GDS commands needed for you to make the immediate change, and recovers your savings.
  • FareCheck™ ensures that all your negotiated airline agreements and terms are identified and reconciled.
  • FareCheck™ monitors all prices on all restricted and unrestricted ticketed airfares.
  • FareCheck™ is designed to only look at the traveler’s specific airline, flight and even the seat to ensure that the traveler’s plans and arrangements are adhered to.
  • FareCheck™ instantly sends alerts when savings are found on identical itineraries.
  • Ensures the same carrier, same cabin class, and same departure date and time.
  • Immediate proven results.
  • Price checking continues until departure.

Our clients are typically saving an average of $400+ on tickets the agents exchange during the void period. When taken as a percentage of the total ticket cost, we are experiencing savings exceeding 20%, and many times over 50%.

These saving are not necessarily because the agents are not doing a good job; this is simply because airlines are managing their “fare categories” on an ongoing basis. They are constantly checking to see if they need to adjust pricing to fill a specific flight. Our clients are calling this “Found Money”.

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We are the only Independent Oversight and Audit firm in the Industry.

If we do not identify and provide you savings – You don’t pay. Period!

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The Corporate Solutions Group®, Hotel Solutions™ and Audit Center™ have been providing Corporations and the Corporate Buyer dedicated Independent Travel Industry expertise for decades. We have been, and are, the only Independent consultant and auditor for all facets of corporate travel.

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